It comes with a heavy heart to announce the closure of Sperka Interactive effective August 1st. With the rise of the COVID-19 virus and the subsequent drop in business, we can no longer support our company assets and functionality.

Existing clients, please contact your Sperka account representative with any questions.

Affiliate Advertising

Search engines aren't the only available entities to advertise with. Negotiating ad-space with another organization which serves your target demographic is a fantastic digital marketing option as well. Whether you are purchasing ad-space from someone else or offering space on your own site for others to purchase, Affiliate Programs can give your company more control over advertising.

Purchasing Ad-Space

Purchasing ad-space from another organization works similarly to pay-per-click (PPC) except that you are targeting the audience of another business or organization and putting their site traffic to work for you. Identifying companies that provide related services to your core demographics without being in direct competition with you enables you to form cross-promotional relationships that give all parties involved a boost, in turn increasing the power of your site's SEO structures.

Selling Ad-Space

Selling ad-space on your site provides many of the same secondary benefits as purchasing from others and is a nice way to utilize your site traffic to generate extra revenue. We work with you to identify companies and organizations to offer your ad-space to so you maximize the benefits without boosting your competition.