It comes with a heavy heart to announce the closure of Sperka Interactive effective August 1st. With the rise of the COVID-19 virus and the subsequent drop in business, we can no longer support our company assets and functionality.

Existing clients, please contact your Sperka account representative with any questions.

Client Portfolio

With over 20 years of experience, Sperka Interactive can build the custom website that's right for your company. We take pride in every site we create and have assembled an extensive portfolio of previous projects to demonstrate what we can do for you.


Many of our clients work in healthcare, giving us a strong familiarity with the unique requirements of that industry. Click the link above to view examples of what we have done to help healthcare professionals build websites that fit their needs.

Consumer / Retail

Consumer-targeted websites need to be easily-navigable and search engine friendly. We provide E-Commerce solutions which enable our retail clients to streamline and promote their web-based stores, improving conversion rates and driving sales.

Business Services

Strong visibility on the web is a key component of putting businesses in touch with potential clients. We can help your business create a compelling site that keeps your customers coming back for more and develop results-driven digital marketing strategies to get your company the attention it needs.


Being a creator doesn't always leave time to promote your work. We can create a site design that showcases your talents and develop strategies to improve your site traffic through search engines and affiliates, leaving you free to do what you love.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Through the development of actionable e-marketing strategies, we can help make your site visible to a world-wide audience. We work with you to craft an eye-catching, user-friendly design that makes it easy for customers to see what your company has to offer.

Automotive Aftermarket

We offer customizable development that fits the expansive and varied needs of the automotive industry. No matter your company's niche, we can develop features that make it easy for customers to access your products and services.


Websites and social media are critical components of building and sustaining a non-profit organization. We work with you to create a site that displays your vision for the world while reaching out to potential volunteers and donors.


Custom websites have a variety of appealing features on the front and back ends that enable legal professionals to showcase their specialties, provide important information to potential clients, and organize documents for storage or sharing among partners.


More and more, schools of all kinds are relying on the internet for sharing information and enrolling students. Our team at Sperka Interactive can design custom features that streamline these processes, making it easy for both students and faculty to use your website to its full potential.

Religion & Spirituality

The web is a fantastic way to reach out to people and grow your congregation. Our team serves our community by building and marketing custom websites that help organizations get the attention they need. Our custom features are easy to use and accessible to both staff and volunteers alike.